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2003-2004 Winning Post 503 Essay 

 "My Dream for America."   By: Diann A. Hill

A dream is a fond hope or a good wish one yearns to come true. In my life I have several dreams; one that stands out is the dream I have for my country, America.  Some of these dreams are stronger economy, people will have access to a good education, diverse ethnic groups will be one, and we will help developing countries.

I hope America will remain strong economically.  People will have their own home and a successful business. I dream of seeing that there will be no homeless; the government will no longer have to take money out of our taxes for homeless shelters, instead, the money will be used to improve education.

I dream that everyone will have access to a good education; everyone will be well rounded in his or her studies. I dream that everyone will share his or her knowledge with others. No one will be illiterate. I hope more money will be allocated for researches on treatment for diseases. I dream that all people will have access to medicine to alleviate their pain and suffering.

I dream people of different races and creed in America will be united as one. Everyone regardless of one's ethnic background will be treated justly and fairly. With this there will be peace and harmony amongst the people in this great country.

I dream that America will live up to their motto "Land of the Free." Everyone in America deserves a second chance. I hope that America accepts with open arms. Prisoners who have served their time can get decent paying jobs.

With America being the richest country. We should help developing countries. This will show trust worthy within countries and not cause wars. When we share with others it will teach citizens to be kind and compassionate.

I hope one day my dreams will come true. I dream a better America with a stronger quality education for the people. With these dreams, hold the promise not only of a better America but also of a bright future. We the citizens will live a good life. America will always be prosperous and just. The realization of these dreams lies a better tomorrow for me, my generation and generations to come.


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