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2009-2010 Winning Post 503 Essay 

 "When is the Right Time to Honor Our Military Heroes?  By: Rachel D. Wydra

It's never the wrong time to honor our beloved military heroes.  The brave people who fought to defend our country deserve to be honored in many ways and at many, varied times.  They perform honorable and courageous deeds everyday.  From the first steps of signing up for the service to the moment they step home from there duty, a gracious "thank you" and a warm smile can go along way.  Every time the national anthem is serenaded to the flag, holding a hand to the heart and keeping them in mind is a time to honor the ones who gave so much for us.  On Veteran's Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day our veterans are honored in the most beautiful ways.  Inspiring services and honorable words are offered to all the heroes.  One Veteran's Day, a trumpet sang out "Taps" and our veterans were honored and remembered in an incredible way.  The right time to honor them comes up every day.  All the little things, the kindness, the respectfulness, add up to something great and extremely appreciated.

Some military heroes never talk about their gruesome experiences fighting for our united country, so honoring them may mean not dwelling on the subject of their service.  Others enjoy telling the tales of their days at war, to them we can thank them every chance we get and bring up the subject often.  Honoring the gallant heroes comes in many degrees, but it is never the wrong time to honor them.  The little things add up.

There are ways to honor the military heroes we lost in fighting.  Their families were absolutely devastated.  For them, we can honor their families.  Thank the ones the noble heroes loved.  The ways are countless.  There is never a wrong time to offer a gentle hand and a dose of kindness.  Having know a soul who lost a loved one in battle, I've witnessed the horror the family must experience.  Every time I see my friend I give her a hug and a wholesome smile.

It's impossible to think of a wrong time to honor people who risked their lives for us in the military.  Every little gesture of kindness combines to make the hero feel honored.  No doubt all our actions don't come close to comparing to what they did for us, but the military heroes deserve as much praise as we can give them.

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