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2010-2011 Winning Post 503 Essay 

 "Does Patriotism Still Matter?  By: Alexa M. Bowers

Does patriotism still matter?  Well, patriotism is just a fancy word for partisanship, loyalty, and devotion.  Those are things that most people do daily.  Without them, this country wouldn't be a country at all.

If I were to ask a random U.S. citizen what holds this country together, they'd probably say the economy, our laws, and sometimes even the military.  In ways the military does help, but really they're forgetting that they are what holds this country together along with every other U.S. citizen.  One thing the country requires is support from other countries and and it's citizens.  We could call this partisanship.  Sometimes we don't realize it but we are a big part of this country, and it needs us as much as we need it.  Our nation relies on us to make it money so we can obtain things that are much needed.  Also our military is a big help.  It protects us from any sudden and fatal attacks.  Without them, we are as good as road kill on the side of a highway.

Now, you could call it trustworthiness or dependability, but really it's just plan loyality.  This is what kept us together through some of the toughest moments that our nation faced, and is still facing today.  When the Declaration of Independence was created, from that point on we would have to be loyal to it.  It was what made us able to be a country.  We also use it to show respect to people daily.  This is why we can be called united, this is why we are one, and this is why we are independent still to this day.

Finally, I know for a fact that this country didn't get up and moving by itself.  It took blood, sweat, and tears.  Really, you can call that devotion.  The first people who wanted to start this new independent country were committed to the idea of a free land  filled with different ideas, people, and religion.  We sacrificed many things throughout the years, but we have gained so much by doing so.  I know our forefathers would have been proud to see what our contry has become.

So my honest opinion is, yes, patriotism still matters and always will.  It's what makes us united as one and without it, this country wouldn't have lastedas long as it has.

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