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2011-2012 Winning Post 503 Essay 

 "Are You Proud of Your Country?  By: Brock J. Herion

America.  When people think about our country they think freedom, courage, opportunity and the list goes on.  Anybody who lives here should be proud.  We have endured so much since the first settlers and we became a great nation.  Ours has been and contrinues to be shaped by great visionaries like Bill Gates and J.F.K.  We have done so much in the short time we've been here.  Even through the hard times we never gave up.  I am pround to live in such a great nation.

Throughout our history we have encountered many hardships.  When we first came to America, the first harsh winter months almost wiped us out.  During the revolutionary war we refused to give up to be free of British rule.  When they came back in 1812 we drove them back again.  We never gave up trying to be independent.  Well, most of the people.  Black men and women were still enslaved in the South.  The North and South went to war over this resulting in the civil war.  This war brought us together more than ever.  The North prevailed and won.  In 1914 war broke out in Europe, WWI.  We were sent over in 1917 and showed the world just what we could do, just how powerful we were!  In 1918, the war ended.  Our economy crached and the great depression began.  Millions were homeless and jobless.  In 1939 Germany invaded Poland, WWII had begun.  In 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a U.S. naval base in Hawaii.  We entered the war and the depression ended and the economy was saved.  In 1945 the war ended and the cold war, Korea, and Vietnam wars followed.  It was Democracy vs. Communism.  Right now we are at war with Al Qaeda, a terrorist network.  Through the hardest times we've never given up on the one thing that drives this country, freedom.  We've done so many things in a short amount of time with freedom, and the people who got us here and will take us far.  Well, lets just say the list could go on forever.  People like Steve Jobs nad Thomas Edison, just to name a few.

Because of our 'colorful' history and how we prevailed over hard times, I am proud to say that I'm American and I wouldn't change a thing about that.  Nobody can change that even if they tried.

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