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Post 503 member Vic Kubelsky, a WW II veteran, attended the dedication of the 'World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. along with his son Gregg Kubelsky, son-in-law Chris Barber and granddaughter Grace Barber.

These are some of the photos taken on their trip.

Vic served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific aboard the Destroyer Escort DE-633 USS Foreman.

WWII Memorial


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 World War II Honoree Victor G. Kubelsky


























Vic wants to know the name of this woman.  If anyone can help, please email the webmaster. 



Memorial Fountain "Pacific Gate"

Gregg Kubelsky, Grace Barber, Vic Kubelsky

Vic Kubelsky, Grace Barber, Chris Barber

Grace Barber, Vic Kubelsky, Chris Barber

Vic Kubelsky with Navy Man Statue

Vic Kubelsky, Grace Barber and cast of play.

Unknown woman and Vic Kubelsky